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Professional Legal Services is an extensive legal website network. Our team offers brilliant rates, responds within 1 working hour and most importantly, will look at the person or businesses needs in context of the matter at hand and customize care for that specific client. We consult on preventative measures in addition to defending or mitigating a case. Our objectives:

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What is Labour Law Legislation?

Information extracted from the internet, not original of this website:

Freedom of association and general protections; collective bargaining; collective agreements; Bargaining Council; Statutory Councils; strikes and lock-outs; workplace forums; trade unions and employers' organisations; regulation of federations of trade unions and employers' organisations; registrar of labour relations; dispute resolution; Commission For Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration; accreditation of and subsidy to Councils and private agencies; resolution of disputes under auspices of Commission; Labour Court; Labour Appeal Court; unfair dismissal; temporary employment services; contracts of employment may not disregard or waive collective agreements or arbitration awards; representation of employees or employers; confidentiality; service of documents;

Codes of good practice; collective agreement, arbitration award or wage determination to be kept by employer; records to be kept by employer; effect of certain defects and irregularities; application of Act when in conflict with other laws; Code of good practice: dismissal; fair reasons for dismissal; misconduct; fair procedure; disciplinary records; dismissals and industrial action; guidelines in cases of dismissal for misconduct; incapacity: poor work performance; incapacity; iII health or injury.

The regulation of working time; interpretation of day; ordinary hours of work; overtime; compressed working week; averaging of hours of work; determination of hours of work by Minister; meal intervals; daily and weekly rest period; pay for work on Sundays; night work; public holidays; annual leave; pay for annual leave; sick leave; proof of incapacity; application to occupational accidents or diseases; maternity leave; protection of employees before and after birth of a child;

Family responsibility leave; particulars of employment and remuneration; written particulars of employment; informing employees of their rights; keeping of records; payment of remuneration; information about remuneration; deductions and other acts concerning remuneration; calculation of remuneration and wages; termination of employment; notice of termination of employment; payment instead of notice; employees in employer-provided accommodation; payments on termination; severance pay; certificate of service; prohibition of employment of children and forced labour; prohibition of employment of children;

Employment of children of 15 or older; medical examinations; prohibitions; evidence of age; variation of Basic Conditions of Employment by agreement and Minister; Sectoral Determinations; Employment Conditions Commission; monitoring, enforcement and legal proceedings; labour inspectors; powers; compliance order; appeals; Labour Court; rights of employees; burden of proof; temporary employment services; deeming of persons as employees; duration of employment; Codes of good practice; representation of employees or employers; confidentiality; penalties; procedures for progressive reduction of maximum working hours; maximum permissible fees; transitional provisions;

The duties of employers and employee concerning health and safety at work; the advisory council for occupational health and safety; penalties for offences

Labour Law Legislation